The aesthetics, the shape, colour and the decorative and constituent elements of a product and its packaging in general are often major distinctive features. Sometimes they even become essential elements of a product’s value. Prompt protective measures are essential to prevent third parties from using the same elements and diminishing their uniqueness and value.

In ConLor, before filing applications, we work alongside our clients in examining the product to be protected, to identify all the most relevant aspects that make it recognisable and distinguishable from those of its competitors.

We help our clients to define the protection strategy most appropriate to their requirements and help them to prepare the necessary documentation and file applications with the competent authorities in Italy or abroad.

Services Undertaken

  • Prior art searches
  • Analysis of interference
  • Filing Italian and EU design applications
  • Filing and pursuing design applications abroad
  • Design validity proceedings with the European Patent Office
  • Management of deadlines and assistance with renewals