Effective protection of your intellectual property does not end when a trademark or patent is filed. Rights must be defended actively. The law maker establishes that in some circumstances failure to act can cause loss of rights. Prompt evaluation of any third party proceedings enables us to act in time and with greater effect, using a wider range of tools (and often with fewer costs).

Also when action is brought against you, it is essential to know how to assess the situation correctly and to be able to interact with the other party in the most effective and efficient way possible. Failure to do so may result in direct costs and/or repercussions on activities related to the intellectual rights being disputed, with serious financial consequences.

Con Lor helps its Clients to establish when it is advisable to take action and which tools and methods to use.

It can also take care of all the activities related to administrative and out-of-court matters required to manage the dispute and, through its network of specialized lawyers, all legal matters.

Activities performed

  • Administrative opposition proceedings against granting of third party trademarks
  • Patent opposition proceedings
  • Out-of-court assistance
  • Legal assistance (through its network of professionals)
  • Activities for assessment of infringement
  • Negotiation and drafting of lien and coexistence agreements, etc.
  • Technical consultancy in invalidity and revocation proceedings