The trademark is the main identifying element of a product or a service, and the foundation of any competitive strategy. Trademarks often represent one of the main assets of a company.

In Con Lor we assist our Clients in every step of a trademark’s lifespan, both to define the best protection strategy and to put it into practice.

Prior to filing we help to determine the distinguishing elements with greater efficacy, also in relation to any third party rights. Wrong choices can make investments worthless, even after many years.

We identify the best filing strategy, in terms of types of means to use, geographical coverage, filing order according to researched protection objectives, both current and forecast, administrative formalities, costs, benefits and risks of the options available. We conduct all filing procedures, including the management of any third party oppositions.

After filing, we assist our Clients in monitoring and managing deadlines and renewals, above all in the essential activity of trademark watching, to ensure that the rights of our Clients are not infringed, and in the management of litigation.

Activities performed

  • Similarity searches / preliminary searches
  • Planning / drawing up the filing strategy
  • Filing applications: Italy, EU, international, foreign in all countries
  • Assistance with deadlines and renewals
  • Registration of name changes, assignments, mergers and all other modifications occurred
  • Trademark watching and litigation assistance
  • Bringing opposition and invalidity proceedings
  • Negotiations and drafting of agreements