Aesthetics, shape, colours, as well as decorative and constituent elements of a product and its packaging are fundamental to its uniqueness.

They are the fingerprint of your product, they are those characteristics that make it unique, different and not replicable by others.

Often, the same factors are an integral part of the value of a product and it is precisely for these reasons that timely protection activity becomes decisive, to prevent third parties from using the same elements and thus diluting their uniqueness and value.

01 Before filing

Together with you, we examine the product to be protected in order to identify all the most relevant aspects that make it recognisable, unique and distinguishable from other products on the market.

  • Prior art searches
  • Interference analysis
  • Assessment of the novelty requirement of the Design

02 Filing phase

In the implementation of the protection strategy, defined in a customised and bespoke manner according to your needs, we are a solid partner for preparation of all the necessary documentation, following you in every phase of the filing documentation preparation activities at the competent offices in Italy and abroad.

  • Examination and support in locating images and documentation useful in registering a Design
  • Preparation and filing of national and community designs
  • Preparation and filing of international and foreign national designs
  • Registration surveillance and transmission of the related certificate

03 After filing

We support you also in the post-filing phase, continuing to protect you and your exclusive rights.

  • Design nullification actions at the Community Office or at foreign national offices
  • Interference or counterfeiting assessment
  • Assistance during negotiations and drafting in the event of contracts and/or agreements (see other services)
  • Management and support in the payment of renewal/maintenance fees
  • Formalisation for owner changes of name, transfers, mergers and any other amendments (see other services)

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