Protecting intellectual assets is not just about filing a trademark or patent; it is about prevention and, in certain cases, being prepared to actively defend exclusive rights. Being the owner of a trademark, patent or design and not defending its exclusivity means completely nullifying its effectiveness and, sometimes, dispersing both its enormous legal and economic value.

Our goal is to guarantee the status of your intellectual property over time, by pro-actively and dynamically seeking to anticipate all situations in which you will need protection.

Indeed, inertia often leads to the loss of rights and that is why our team is at your side at all times: a timely assessment of any actions of third parties means we are able to intervene in the right time and more effectively, with the intent also to contain the costs, where possible.

Also when implementing a passive defense, it is essential to be able to assess the situation correctly: being able to interact with the other party in the most effective way possible can avoid significant economic consequences.

We are a point of reference in the choice of the most appropriate strategy for the protection of your intellectual property rights, defining the manner, tools and timing of intervention.

We can support you in the management of any dispute, thanks to a team of both in-house as well as external professionals that have extensive expertise and specialisation in administrative, out-of-court and legal matters.

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