The trademark is the identifying element of a product or service and the basis of any competitive strategy, as well as being one of your company’s key assets.

From trademark creation to protection we are at your side with an attentive and far-sighted view: the experience acquired over decades of activity and the high professionalism of our team mean we are able to assess in advance all the possible situations and variables that could arise in relation to the creation of a trademark and to identify and implement the most appropriate strategy for full protection.

We provide all our expertise to ensure you market positioning, protection over time and health of the trademark and, in this way, to capitalise on your future.

01 Before filing

We support you in defining the distinctive elements of your trademark more effectively, also in relation to any third party rights. Poor choices can mean investments are made in vain, even years down the road. Preliminary checks also serve to reduce, or minimise, the risk of objections from third parties.

  • Preliminary and availability searches
  • Identification of classes and services to be protected based on your current and future interests
  • Development of clear and transparent quotes to optimise the cost-benefit ratio 

02 Filing and granting phase

We identify the best strategy, in terms of the tools used, geographical coverage, filing order according to the protection objectives sought, both current and prospective, as well as costs and benefits. We carry out all the formalities and assisting in any future objections and/or oppositions.

  • Preparation and filing of trademark applications in Italy, in the European Union, through the Madrid System (International Registratrions) and abroad (in all countries worldwide)
  • Monitoring of registers and of timing of trademark application publication
  • Preparation and filing of responses to objections raised by the competent Trademark Offices
  • Management of the entire opposition process, from first notification to final decision

03 After filing

We support you in monitoring and administering deadlines and renewals, and, above all, in the surveillance activity, fundamental to ensure that your rights are respected, in addition to dealing with the management of any litigation.

  • Deadline and renewal support
  • Surveillance and watch services of registers of interest to ensure that third parties do not file trademark applications that interfere with your exclusive rights
  • Interference or counterfeiting assessment
  • Opposition and revocation actions
  • Management of all deadlines related to the patent rights and transmission of related notices
  • Formalisation for owner changes of name, transfers, mergers and any other amendments
  • Negotiation and drafting of agreements (see other services)

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